Three Hole Punch Jim Costume Guide:How to Dress Like Three Hole Punch Jim

Items You’ll Need Three Hole Punch Jim Costume

  1. White Shirt
  2. Brown Pants
  3. Solid Brown Tie
  4. Coffee Mug
  5. Black Circles
  6. Leather Belt
  7. Brown Dress Shoes
  8. Black Leather Watch

Best Three Hole Punch Jim Costume Guide


Three Hole Punch Jim is in reference to the Halloween costume worn by Dunder Mifflin salesperson Jim Halpert, played by John Krasinski in The Office.

In the Season 2 Halloween episode, Jim puts in a particularly poor attempt at a Halloween costume, simply sticking three black dots on his normal shirt and referring to himself as ‘Three Hole Punch Jim.’ He claims the costume is just a three-hole punch version of himself, just like the paper he sells.

If you want to get the look of the worst Halloween costume in The Office history, you’ll need a White Shirt, Brown Pants, Solid Brown Tie, Black Circles, Brown Dress Shoes, Leather Belt, Black Watch and Coffee Mug.

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