Red Princess Jasmine Costume Guide:How to Dress Like Princess Jasmine in Red

Items You’ll Need Red Princess Jasmine Costume

  1. Red Bandeau Bikini
  2. Red Harem Pants
  3. Snake Arm Cuff
  4. Gold Hair Cuff
  5. Long Black Hair Wig
  6. Large Gold Earrings
  7. Gold Spray Paint
  8. Princess Tiara
  9. Gold Ballet Flats

Best Red Princess Jasmine Costume Guide


Princess Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah in the 1992 Disney Animated movie, Aladdin. Despite a law requiring her to marry a prince by her next birthday, Jasmine is determined to marry her true love. While escaping from the confines of the palace walls, she befriends Aladdin, a kind-hearted Agrabah thief. Though Princess Jasmine and Aladdin come from totally different worlds, both perfectly complement each other. After saving the enslaved Jasmine from Jafar’s control with the help of the magical Genie, Aladdin is engaged to marry Jasmine. Get the look of the Jafar’s slave with this Princess Jasmine in Red costume guide.

Cosplay Jasmine’s alternate red outfit while under Jafar’s control by wearing a Gold Hair Cuff, Red Bandeau Bikini, Red Harem Pants, Gold Ballet Flats, Snake Arm Cuff, Long Black Hair Wig, Large Gold Earrings, and Princess Tiara with Gold Spray Paint.

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