Nurse Joker Costume Guide:How to Dress Like Nurse Joker

Items You’ll NeedNurse Joker Costume

  1. Women’s Button Front Dress See on  Amazon
  2. Short Layered Fluffy Hair
  3. Elastic Fabric Stretch Cinch Belt
  4. Pinback Button
  5. Airsoft Machine Gun
  6. Joker Deluxe Makeup Kit
  7. Crew Socks
  8. Strapless Clogs

Best Nurse Joker Costume Guide


Why so serious? The Joker who was played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight quickly became one of the most loved villains from all of the Batman installments. The movie which was released in 2008 introduced the character of a man dressed in a nurses outfit with that signature red painted grin.

Get the look of Joker from the hospital scene in his nurses outfit with a Women’s Button Front Dress, a Short Layered Fluffy Hair wig, an Elastic Fabric Stretch Cinch Belt, a Pinback Button, an Airsoft Machine Gun, a Joker Deluxe Makeup Kit, a pair of Crew Socks, and a pair of Strapless Clogs. Don’t take him too seriously, or do…

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