Lord Farquaad Costume Guide:How to Dress Like Lord Farquaad

Items You’ll Need Lord Farquaad Costume

King Robe
Longline T-Shirt
Renaissance Hat
Dress Belt
Cosplay Boots
Cosplay Gloves
Black Wig

Best Lord Farquaad Costume Guide

Lord Maximus Farquaad is the main antagonist of the hit Dreamworks animated film, Shrek. Voiced by Emmy Award-winning actor John Lithgow, Lord Farquaad is a short-statured man known to be the ruthless ruler of Duloc, the city-state in which the Shrek universe exists. Most people note that because Duloc is a place towering in height, Lord Farquaad may be compensating for his petiteness. Audiences are introduced to Lord Farquaad as the evil, perfection-seeking antagonist of the first Shrek movie. He ruthlessly tries to rid Duloc of all fairy tale creatures.

Get the look of the overcompensating animated king with this Lord Farquaad costume guide. You can attain royalty with this Lord Farquaad cosplay. Dress up in a bodysuit with a longline t-shirt, a dress belt, a king’s robe, some cosplay gloves and boots, a black wig, and a Renaissance hat.

Lord Farquaad Cosplay Costumes

Not only is Lord Farquaad insecure and mean, but he is also very eager for the crown. He’s not part of a direct royal line and cannot become a king until he marries a real princess. Lord Farquaad became determined to do so. He determined that Princess Fiona, a princess locked away in a high tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon, is the one he will wed as his wife and queen. Despite his overpowering machismo, Lord Farquaad is no brave warrior. Instead, he holds a tournament to find the best knight capable of rescuing his soon-to-be-wife Fiona.

Get all your Shrek-loving friends together and put together a group cosplay representing all of your favorite characters appearing in Shrek. You can all show up to a costume party representing the entire Shrek gang. While you dress up as Lord Farquaad, your pals can show up like the green ogre Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots, and the Gingerbread Man.

About Lord Farquaad

Because Shrek didn’t mean to join the tournament for the purpose that Lord Farquaad wanted, he strikes a deal with the tiny ruler and agrees to rescue Fiona. He goes through a whole ordeal, but in the end, succeeds in rescuing the princess-in-waiting. Once he delivers the would-be-Queen to Lord Farquaad, the latter proposes to the princess immediately, not knowing that she turns into an ogre at sundown. When he finally finds out, the ruthless Farquaad, who is at this point finally a king, banishes her to go back to the tower and sentences Shrek to death for misleading him.

But before he can be officially crowned as King, the dragon guarded Fiona (who developed an intense crush on the Donkey) is beckoned by Shrek. The dragon crashes through the window and devours Lord Farquaad burping out the crown he just assumed.

Lord Farquaad
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