Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) Costume Guide:How to Dress Like Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

Items You’ll Need

  1. Joker Costume
  2. Fake Cigarettes
  3. Joker Fancy Bubbles Shirt
  4. Blue Face Paint
  5. Joker Mask
  6. Fake Flowers
  7. Red Face Paint
  8. Green Deluxe Wig
  9. White Crew Socks
  10. White Face Paint
  11. Brown Dress Shoes

Best Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) Costume Guide


DC Comics is bringing a new twist to their popular comic book character with a solo movie entitled, Joker. It’s a psychological thriller that doesn’t focus on The Joker, but more so on how he became the character. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker and takes the audience inside Arthur Fleck’s mind. The Joker is known as one of the most popular DC villains. He is typically seen terrorizing Gotham City and creating a mess for Batman to clean up. He has wild ideas and twisted jokes that make him equally unnerving and dangerous. His skills in chemistry, coupled with his unstable mentality, anything could happen!

To get The Joker’s look you will need to dress in a Joker Mask, Joker Costume, Fancy Bubbles Shirt, Green Deluxe Wig, White Face Paint, Blue Face Paint, Red Face Paint, Crew Socks, Dress Shoes, Fake Cigarettes, and Fake Flowers. 

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