How to Dress Like Static Shock,Best Static Shock Costume Guide

Items You’ll Need Cosplay Static Shock

  1. Blank White Eye Mask
  2. Black with Purple Hoodie Jacket
  3. Static Shock Logo T-Shirt
  4. Active Performance Track Pants
  5. Yellow/Purple Baltimore Ravens Gloves
  6. Rectangle Mirrored Lens Sunglasses
  7. Shaq Attaq Basketball Shoe
  8. Yellow Utility Belt

Best Static Shock Costume Guide


Animated series Static Shock brings to life yet another DC Comics character except he’s a kid! Perfect for young cosplayers, Static Shock’s style has many fun elements to it. Follow our guide to pull off his look! This outfit is accessory heavy but well worth the effort. We begin with a Blank White Eye Mask beneath Rectangle Mirrored Lens Sunglasses.

A Black with Purple Hoodie Jacket over a Static Shock Logo T-Shirt and Active Performance Track Pants will nearly complete your look. Adding a pair of Yellow/Purple Baltimore Ravens Gloves to a Yellow Utility belt and a pair of Shaq Attaq Basketball Shoes will fully bring Static Shock to life!

Static Shock Cosplay Costumes

Calling all teen cosplayers! If you’re looking for an age appropriate character to cosplay, look no further than the superheroes of Static Shock! Main character Virgil Hawkins aka Static Shock has a fun sense of style that would be fun for cosplayers male or female, to emulate. Your local costume shop is an excellent resource for finding most of his accessories like the white mask and utility belt. An average black hoodie with or without purple accents will suffice.

The piece that will best identify who you’re playing is the logo t-shirt, definitely a worthy investment. Dark pants and shoes will work as long as you include purple gloves to distinguish your character. For added cosplay fun, have friends join you to represent other heroes from the series like best friend Richie Osgood aka Gear, Rubber-Band Man or villain leader Ebon.

About Static Shock

Before The Big Bang, Virgil Hawkins was an average high schooler from a tough neighborhood. Losing his mother to gang violence followed by a chemical accident that gave him the power to manipulate and control electromagnetism, were huge turning points for Virgil, now know as Static Shock. Being raised by his widowed father and older sister Sharon isn’t always easy, but his father’s great love for the welfare of their community inspires Static Shock to fight against those who use their accidental powers for mischief.

He has a best friend in Richie Osgood who supplies him with cool gadgets and helps to keep his identity as Static Shock a secret from everyone. He has a love-hate relationship with sister Sharon, but when the chips are down, they are fierce in their protection of one another. Living his life trying to uproot evil while also attending high school quietly, makes for an interesting story and a television series well worth cosplaying.

Static Shock
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