How to Dress Like Spider Man – Night Monkey (Stealth Suit)

Items You’ll Need

  1. Black Turtle Neck
  2. Night Monkey Mask
  3. Black Tactical Vest
  4. Black Biker Pants
  5. Military Belt
  6. Web Shooter
  7. Tactical Fingerless Gloves
  8. Black Military Boots
  9. Knee Pads

Best Spider-Man (Night Monkey) Costume Guide


Your favorite friendly neighborhood spider is back in the movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home. This time, though, Spider-Man isn’t just saving New York City as he usually does, but all of Europe too! Peter Parker takes a break from his typical superhero duties and goes on a school vacation with his friends. Not only does he want to have the best time with Ned, but he also has a plan to tell MJ he likes her. Unfortunately, Nick Fury has other ideas.

Since it would be too suspicious for Spider-Man to be in Europe at the same time as his school trip, Peter is given a stealth suit from Nick Fury that leads to him to being called by a new superhero alias, the name Night Monkey. To get Spider-Man’s “Night Monkey” look you will want to dress up in a Night Monkey Mask, Black Turtleneck, Biker Pants, Web Shooter, Fingerless Gloves, and a pair of Military Boots.

Spider-Man (Night Monkey) Cosplay Costumes

Night Monkey is a little different than your usual Spider-Man cosplays. Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, wears the iconic black and red suit with the spider emblem displayed on his chest. In this movie, Peter Parker doesn’t want anyone to know that Spider-Man is in Europe. It would be far too suspicious for people, especially for his class if he suddenly showed up in the same places as Midtown High. Another alias is “Stealth Suit” and is a nod to a version in the comics. However, the Spider-Man: Far From Home version is a little dorkier and less high tech to match Peter Parker’s attitude and age.

Spider-Man must protect his friends from harm and the line of fire. So, ensure MJ, Ned, Betty Brant, Flash Thompson, and even Brad Davis are all in a safe place so you can take out the bad guys. You may not get the thanks you deserve, but you’re still a hero!


About Spider-Man (Night Monkey)

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker tries to leave his secret identity behind for one school vacation with his friends. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter finds the pressure of being a hero too much! He wants to move on with his life and live the life of an average teenager. The only problem is, trouble seems to follow him everywhere he goes. When a monster attacks Venice, Peter meets up with Nick Fury and learns of impending doom coming to earth. Peter tries to turn the offer down, but it’s not a choice he can make.

What started as a relaxing vacation where he would tell the girl he likes how he feels has now become a chaotic mess. Peter Parker uses his new stealth suit by Nick Fury and is given the name “Night Monkey” as he tries his best to be the hero everyone expects him to be. Can he balance his life and his hero life when so much is at risk?

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