How to Dress Like Skeletor,Best Skeletor Costume Guide

Items You’ll Need Cos Skeletor

  1. Skeletor Costume
  2. Warlock Staff
  3. Purple Gloves
  4. Skull Mask
  5. Skeletor Sword Check Price

Best Skeletor Costume Guide


Skeletor is the main antagonist of Mattel’s Masters of the Universe franchise and is the archenemy of He-Man. He is a former student of the leader of the Evil Horde, Hordak. When the latter was forced to flee to a different dimension, Skeletor was forced to remain in Eternia to raise an army of minions who would eventually help him take over Snake Mountain and become its ruler. His main goal is to conquer the fortress where He-Man draws his powers, Castle Grayskull. He knows that if he succeeds in this goal, he will not only be able to conquer Eternia but the entire universe. Get the look of the evil conquerer with this Skeletor costume guide.

Cop this wicked look with a Skeletor costume, a pair of purple gloves, a skull mask, a warlock staff, and a Skeletor sword.

Skeletor Cosplay Costumes

Skeletor is both vengeful and hungry for power. These two main traits make for a very dangerous character. This is why he is known to be He-Man’s biggest enemy. He longs to conquer the whole of the universe and exact revenge on Hordak. Skeletor is rendered as a blue, muscular humanoid with a yellow bare-bone skull for a head under a deep purple hood. How he looks accurately portrays how menacing he can be. Unfortunately for Skeletor, however, his plans for conquering the universe are always foiled by the stupidity and incompetence of his henchmen.

To make sure you look as menacing as Skeletor, you need to accessorize your Skeletor costume with a scary-looking skull mask, some purple gloves, and bring around a warlock staff and a Skeletor sword. Complete the look and invite the gang to cosplay as He-Man and Hordak, too!

About Skeletor

In the 2002 series, Skeletor’s background is revealed. According to this version of the story, he was once an ordinary man named Keldor. However, his face was accidentally splashed with acid and this cost him his looks and his entire face. While he survived, his life was not the same since then.

While Skeletor is fairly menacing and generally heartless, especially to his incompetent henchmen, he actually shows some feeling and heart towards animals. His most constant and loyal companion is Panthor, a large purple feline resembling a panther. Panthor, apart from being Skeletor’s loyal companion, serves as the evil counterpart of He-Man’s trusted Battle Cat. Skeletor also shows some connection to Relay, a part-robot dog who is part of the Manchines. This is shown in He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special. Shot down by Hordak, Skeletor shows sympathy to the whimpering Relay by carrying him down a snowy mountain himself.

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