How to Dress Like Penny Lane,Complete Penny Lane Costume Guide


Items You’ll Need To Cosplay Penny Lane

  1. Suede Coat with Fur Trim
  2. Crop Top Shirt
  3. Bell Bottom Jeans
  4. Fringe Sandal
  5. Horn Pendant Necklace
  6. Blonde Curly Wig
  7. Tribal Seed Bead Headband
  8. Blue Round Retro Sunglasses

Best Penny Lane Costume Guide


Penny Lane, played by actress Kate Hudson, is the groupie from the 2000 comedy-drama, Almost Famous. Hudson won a Golden Globe award for her role as Best Supporting Actress. The character is based on director Cameron Crowe’s real-life friend, Pennie Trumble. While Penny may have led an exciting life at times, she wasn’t without her heartbreak. She falls in love with Russell Hammond, the talented guitarist of Stillwater, to later have her heart broken. Despite this, Penny was a bubbly person who always looked for new adventures and music. Get the look of the leader of the “Band-Aids” with this Penny Lane costume guide.

To cosplay Penny Lane’s character this year, you’ll need a few key items before you can create his look. The things you’ll need are a suede coat with fur trim, crop top shirt, bell-bottom jeans, blue retro sunglasses, blonde curly wig, fringe sandals, a tribal seed bead headband, and a horn pendant necklace to finish off the look.

Penny Lane Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay Penny Lane’s vintage style that is straight out of the 1970’s. Her chic hippie look is characteristic of the Woodstock-era. As seen in the Almost Famous, her free-flowing look matches up with her carefree attitude. Get most of her vintage style with a quick trip to a local thrift shop. However, to really match Penny’s character from the movie, you’ll need her infamous suede fur jacket and blue shaded sunglasses. Otherwise, pretty much any boho clothing will help to recreate her style.

Dressed as Penny Lane, you could put together a group costume with a friend dressed as William Miller, the fifteen-year-old writer who is on an impossible assignment with Rolling Stone. Dressed as if your following around Rock n’ Roll bands from the seventies. No need to go on tour to cosplay Penny’s boho 70’s style.

About Penny Lane

Confident and adventurous, yet mysterious and vulnerable, there’s a reason why William Miller falls for Penny almost as soon as he meets her. Penny Lane, played by Kate Hudson, has something about her that just draws others to her. She follows the bands around because of the musical inspiration, not because she desires to be a groupie. Penny plays the role of the inspiration for Russell Hammond who is the guitarist of the popular 70’s band, Stillwater.

Her mantra to all her fellow Band-Aids is to be unattached as people will always come and go, but music will always be there. She fails to follow that mantra when she falls in love with Russell Hammond and things become increasingly complicated. When Russell breaks her heart, she eventually gives up her life as a Band-Aid. Penny leaves New York for good and heads towards Morocco to create a new life and identity.

Penny Lane
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