How to Dress Like Olive Penderghast-Olive Penderghast Costume Guide 2022

Items You’ll Need Cosplay Olive Penderghast

  1. Black Corset
  2. Black Jeans
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Black Bows
  5. Letter A Patch
  6. Pearl Necklace and Earrings
  7. High Heels

Best Olive Penderghast Costume Guide


Easy A was an American teen film that was first released in 2010. The movie follows Olive Penderghast, played by Emma Stone. She’s your usual awkward teen who is tired of being pushed aside. After she lies about losing her virginity, rumors begin to fly around her high school. Only Olive could take these rumors as a challenge and continue to hold up the ruse for as long as she can.

Olive Penderghast is known for her stubborn nature. She may be seen as a quick-mouthed teen with a snarky attitude, but she is also a truly caring person. She is very intelligent and enjoys a good joke, but all she wants to do is get a little revenge on her classmates. You’re bound to turn a few heads dressed as Olive Penderghast with a Black Corset, Black Jeans, High Heels, Black Bows, Sunglasses, Pearl Necklace and Earring, and Letter A Patch.

Olive Penderghast Cosplay Costumes

The 2010 movie, Easy A, is a fun twist on the stereotypical teen film. Olive Penderghast may have started as a quiet and reserved girl who just wanted to make it through high school. However, once things start to get blown out of proportion, Olive had a newfound confidence that makes her even more dangerous to face than before. Instead of crumbling under a pile of rumors and hiding away from the world, Olive Penderghast decides to use the power of the rumors in her favor. Her iconic black corset with the big scarlet letter and a simple string of pearls is her way of waving a middle finger to her enemies.

Tighten your corset and find your tallest pair of heels and you’ll be ready for any idiot who tries to cross you. Have a look at the cosplay gallery to see how other people recreated this iconic look, and don’t forget to send us a photo of your take on this costume.

About Olive Penderghast

Olive Penderghast, a teenage girl living in Ojai, California lies to her best friend Rhiannon Abernathy about going on a date in order to get out of camping with Rhiannon’s hippie parents. Instead, she hangs around the house all weekend listening to Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocketful of Sunshine”. The following Monday, pressed by Rhiannon, Olive lies about losing her virginity to a college guy. Marianne Bryant, a prissy and strictly religious Christian and massive hypocrite at their school, overhears her telling the lie and soon it spreads like wildfire. The school’s conservative church group run by Marianne decides Olive will be their next project. Olive confides the truth to her friend Brandon, and he explains how others bully him because of his homosexuality. He later asks Olive to pretend to sleep with him so that he will be accepted by everyone.

Olive Penderghast, played by Emma Stone, is a well-known fictional character from the comedic teen movie, Easy A. The movie follows Olive, an awkward teenager who simply wants to make it through high school in one piece. After her best friend tries to get details out of her about a boring weekend, Olive decides to lie and make it sound more interesting by saying she lost her virginity. Another girl overhears the conversation and decides to spread it all over campus. Instead of hiding from the chaos, Olive decides to own it and uses the power of the rumors to her favor. 

Olive Penderghast is a bold and witty high-schooler with a kind heart. Her empathetic nature leads her to use her newfound reputation to help those who could use a confidence boost of their own. She usually speaks her mind and doesn’t like bullies stepping on her toes. After this experience, no one would think twice about crossing Olive Penderghast again. 

Olive Penderghast
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