How to Dress Like Margot Tenenbaum,Complete Margot Tenenbaum Costume Guide


Items You’ll Need

  1. Shirt Dress
  2. Fur Coat
  3. Red Hairclip
  4. Fake Cigarettes
  5. Brown Bag
  6. Blonde Wig
  7. Brown Shoes

Best Margot Tenenbaum Costume Guide


Margot Tenenbaum is the adopted daughter of Royal Tenenbaum, who raises a dysfunctional family in the American comedy-drama film The Royal Tenenbaums. Seeing success as a child, Margot was awarded a grant for a play that she wrote in the ninth grade. Despite her early success, Margot grows up to live a life of secrecy and sexual promiscuity. However, Margot’s secrecy is nothing compared to the secrets the rest of her family hides like her father’s fake cancer diagnosis and her brother’s secret love for Margot.

Get the look of the rebellious, secretive, and creative child prodigy with this Margot Tanenbaum costume guide. Cosplay Margot’s fashionable look by wearing her iconic preppy Shirt Dress underneath a Fur Coat. Pair the look with Brown Loafers and a Brown Bag (bonus points if you already own a Birkin). Finish the look with a Blonde Wig and Red Hair Clips. No need to adopt a dangerous habit to convey Margot’s smoking addiction. Instead, use Fake Cigarettes to complete her look.

Margot Tenenbaum Cosplay Costumes

Though Margot saw success as a child as a renowned playwright, her adult life became a bit more complicated as she struggled to navigate the life of a former child prodigy. Having married neurologist Raleigh St. Clair, Margot still has feelings for other men in her life. This includes her childhood neighbor Eli, who she starts an affair. However, that’s only the beginning of the drama-filled life that Margot lives. Cosplay Margot’s look from The Royal Tenenbaums with a preppy striped shirt paired with a fur coat and brown loafers. Complete her conservative look with a short blonde wig with red hair clips, brown bag, and fake cigarettes.

Bring the family along as you make a dysfunctional entrance at your next costume party! Grab a group of friends as you cosplay with Margot’s brother Richie and Chas. Bring the parents along too and cosplay Margot’s adopted father Royal Tenenbaum, and her mother, Etheline.

About Margot Tenenbaum

My favorite scene from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, released 20 years ago, is when we first meet Margot Tenenbaum, portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow. Stepping out of a Green Line bus to meet her brother Richie (Luke Wilson), she wears a long mink overcoat and a brown Hermès Birkin bag. Her eyes are rimmed heavily with black eyeliner, and her blunt bob is punctuated with a red barrette. It’s a glamorously retro ensemble that certainly does not fit the setting—have you worn such a look on public transit?—but it’s one that Margot goes on to wear throughout the film. The outfit becomes as central to her character as her relentless apathy.

Or maybe even more so. Margot’s refined style remains one of the movie’s calling cards two decades later. A gifted playwright who has been adopted into the Tenenbaum family, Margot is an outsider. That’s only underscored by her fashion sense: She’s decidedly more fashion-forward than the rest of the Tenenbaums. But her looks, while distinctive, are never overstyled. In one scene, she’s smoking in the bathroom while painting her toes and wearing a tight, nude slip dress. You get the sense that she does this very thing—in the same exact outfit—every single day. “She was known for her extreme secrecy,” says the narrator. “None of the Tenenbaums knew she was a smoker, which she had been since the age of 12.” Margot has an air of mystery to her, and her chic, demure wardrobe only adds to this.


Released in 2001, The Royal Tenenbaums is an American comedy-drama film directed by Wes Anderson. Known for its quirky sense of style, the film centered around a dysfunctional family, the Tenenbaums. While each child became a prodigy at a young age, either in math, writing, or tennis, they each grew more dysfunctional than ever. From mental breakdowns, sexual promiscuity, to the loss of loved ones, each sibling has experienced struggles. However, when their father becomes diagnosed with cancer, the siblings find themselves back home to support their father.

Of course, many secrets are revealed throughout their time at home. One secret includes the diagnosis of their father being a ruse to gain attention from his estranged wife. While that’s just the beginning of the drama, the siblings seemingly grow from the experience and move on to live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Margot Tenenbaum
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