How to Dress Like Jason Voorhees (Part 3),Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume

Items You’ll Need Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume

  1. Jason Hockey Mask
  2. Jason Part 3 Hood
  3. Axe Costume Accessory
  4. Olive Green Work Shirt
  5. Blue Jeans
  6. Realistic Machete Knife
  7. White T-Shirt
  8. Black Combat Boots

Best Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume Guide


Friday the 13th – Part 3 is the 1982 sequel that came hot on the heels of Friday the 13th – Part 2. Directed by Steve Miner, this third installment has the camera opening on a group of teenagers vacationing at a house on the fringes of the now familiar Crystal Lake. This scenario instantly brings to mind the horrifying images of the previous Friday the 13th movies. In this installment, stalker Jason Voorhees is shown recovering from his wounds and has sought refuge in the immediate vicinity of Crystal Lake. It is in this Friday the 13th – Part 3 sequel that Jason Voorhees is featured in his iconic hockey mask that has since evolved to be the symbolic trademark for both his character and the movie franchise.

Get ready for cosplay with this Jason Voorhees costume guide by dressing in your very own Jason Hockey Mask, Jason Part 3 Hood, Axe Costume Accessory, Olive Green Work Shirt, Blue Jeans, Realistic Machete Knife, White T-Shirt, and a pair of Black Combat Boots.

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