How to Dress Like Jacobim Mugatu-Best Jacobim Mugatu Costume Guide

Items You’ll Need

    1. Waist Trainer Corsets


    1. Knitted Men’s Turtleneck Sweater


    1. Black Neck Warmer


    1. Piano Tie


    1. Black Iron-On Soft Flex Block Letters 5″


    1. Black Leather Plain Arm Bracers


    1. Men’s Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant


    1. Jacobim Mugatu Wig


    1. Men’s Boots



Jacobim Mugato, played by Will Ferrell in the hilarious Zoolander films, is a fashion designer and international criminal. Mugato’s main goal in the first Zoolander film is to use Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander character to murder the prime minister of Malaysia, whose strict anti-child labor laws are crippling Mugatu’s fashion empire. He also appears in Zoolander 2, where he is imprisoned in a supposedly high-security facility, but manages to escape and try to kill all of the world’s top fashion designers and models.

If you want to become the evil fashion villain Jacobim Mugatu, you’ll need Waist Trainer Corsets, Knitted Men’s Turtleneck Sweater, Black Neck Warmer, Piano Tie, Black Iron-On Soft Flex Block Letters 5”, Black Leather Plain Arm Bracers, Men’s Slim Straight-Fit Work Pant, Jacobim Mugatu Wig and Men’s Boot.

Jacobim Mugatu Cosplay Costumes

Unless you have no sense of humor at all, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the hilarious Zoolander films, and would, therefore, be well acquainted with Will Ferrell’s portrayal of evil fashion designer Jacobim Mugatu. MugatuHeis extremely recognizable and sure to be a hit at any event you attend – but the fun shouldn’t stop there. If you’re going somewhere as a group, you can have some friends dress as Derek Zoolander, Hansel McDonald or Matilda Jeffries.

Will Ferrell is known as a great comedic character actor, so you could even go as a group of Will Ferrell characters – Buddy the Elf, Ron Burgundy, Chazz Michael Michaels or Ricky Bobby. There is never a shortage of laughs when a will Ferrell character is involved! We’d love to see photos from your event, so don’t forget to upload them here on the site.

About Jacobim Mugatu

Jacobim Mugatu is the main antagonist in the 2001 smash hit comedy film Zoolander. He also returns in 2016’s Zoolander 2. Played by globally loved comedic actor Will Ferrell, Mugatu is an internationally renowned fashion designer and criminal, fueled by greed and a hunger for power. While he has previously refused to hire famous male model Derek Zoolander for any of his fashion shows, he sends an invitation for Zoolander to meet with him.

His intentions are not what they seem though – he feels Zoolander is the least intelligent of all male models and therefore a perfect candidate to be the pawn in his cunning plan. Mugatu wants to brainwash Zoolander to kill the new Malaysian prime minister who has enacted strict laws against child labor, which is hurting Mugatu’s fashion label.

In the end, his plan fails, and Mugatu tried to kill the prime minister himself – a crime which we find out in Zoolander 2, saw him imprisoned in a high-security prison guarded by former male models.

Living… in a mobile bubble of protection. When Mugatu goes anywhere in New York City, be it a fashion show or a funeral, he surrounds himself with his impenetrable cadre of bodyguards. He has been described as “tougher to get to than the president.”

Profession… fashion mogul. Mugatu is far and away the most influential man in the American fashion industry, more influential even than Maury Ballstein. His fashion empire, which he built from nothing, is so far-reaching that he has a magazine called Mugatu Canine. He conducts business from his Midtown skyscraper, which is instantly recognizable from afar by its giant “M” capstone. He is currently working on a fashion line called “Derelict,” that elevates homeless attire to the level of art.

Interests… wearing matching outfits with his dog, preferably ones that are densely bedazzled. He loves his dog, a toy poodle; he screamed like a schoolgirl when a protester pelted his dog with egg. He is also a connoisseur of coffee, though he despises foamy lattes  – they make him “farty.”

Relationship Status… unclear. Mugatu may or may not be dating a woman hailing from the Eastern Bloc named Katinka Ingabogovinanana. She serves a sort of spokesperson for him at fashion shows, though not a very forthcoming one. Her response to every inquiry is always, “No comment!”

Challenge… assassinating the newly elected Prime Minister of Malaysia. The politician has promised a crusade against child labor and sub-standard wages. This would be a huge hit for the garment industry, which relies on cheap Malaysian labor to manufacture much of its product. Mugatu has “negotiated [his] butt off” trying to appease the Prime Minister, to no avail. International fashion moguls of an order even higher than Mugatu tell him to “take care” of the PM during his upcoming visit to New York City for Fashion Week. If Mugatu does not succeed, he himself will be killed. Fortunately there’s nobody powerful enough to stop him, certainly not the dimwitted fading model, Derek Zoolander.

Personality… eccentric, uptight, and effeminate.  He is also a megalomaniac – he wears shirts that say “Mugatu,” and adorns one wall of his otherwise minimalist office with a giant portrait of himself. He is deeply concerned with his appearance; he maintains an immaculately and fabulously trimmed goatee and owns an extensive collection of exotic sunglasses. But don’t underestimate Mugatu. He is controlling with a quick temper, and not afraid to express his anger: “I’m a hot little potato right now!”

Jacobim Mugatu
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