How to Dress Like Gretchen Grundler Complete Gretchen Grundler Costume Guide


Short Sleeve Puff Sleeve Lapel Collar


Stretchy Long Turquoise Tank Dress


Nerdy Thin Frame Glasses


Mega Bucks Billy Bob Teeth


Fuchsia Ponytail Holders


Stretch Pink Wide Bow Belt


Fuchsia Trouser Socks


Jolie Fashion Navy Sneaker

Items You’ll Need To Cosplay Gretchen Grundler

  1. Short Sleeve Puff Sleeve Lapel Collar
  2. Stretchy Long Turquoise Tank Dress
  3. Nerdy Thin Frame Glasses
  4. Mega Bucks Billy Bob Teeth
  5. Fuchsia Ponytail Holders
  6. Stretch Pink Wide Bow Belt
  7. Fuchsia Trouser Socks
  8. Jolie Fashion Navy Sneaker

Best Gretchen Grundler Costume Guide


Be the brains of the playground gang as Gretchen Grundler in Disney’s TV show Recess. Gretchen is closest to Spinelli and often argues with Vince, but appears to be close to him. Dress up like the playground genius with a Stretchy Long Turquoise Tank Dress, Short Sleeve Puff Sleeve Lapel Collar, Stretch Pink Wide Bow Belt, Fuchsia Trouser Socks, and Jolie Fashion Navy Sneakers. Make your costume a little nerdier with Fuchsia Ponytail Holders, Mega Bucks Billy Bob Teeth, and Nerdy Thin Frame Glasses.

Gretchen Grundler Cosplay Costumes

The show “Recess” first aired in 1997 on ABC. For six seasons, kids of all ages would watch the antics of six fourth graders as they navigated the world of elementary school. One of the main characters of the show, Gretchen Grundler, is a great character for cosplayers looking for an easy costume to assemble. Gretchen wears a long blue dress with white sleeves, pink socks, and sneakers. Gretchen also has large round eyeglasses. Don’t forget to add Gretchen’s handheld computer Galileo; she never goes anywhere without it! If your friends want to join in the fun, have them dress up as other characters from the “Recess” gang-like Mikey Blumberg or T.J. Detweiler.

About Gretchen Grundler

Gretchen Grundler is the smartest of the “Recess” gang. She has an extremely high IQ and is academically successful. Even though Gretchen is a prodigy, she values her friendship with the rest of the gang over finding friends with IQs like hers. Although Gretchen is smart, she can also be naive and can’t weasel her way out of trouble because she’s too honest. Be sure to check out our website for photos to inspire your own Gretchen costume, and don’t forget to upload your own photos to our gallery!

Gretchen is the smartest of the main kids in the show. In a few episodes, it’s shown that she’s smarter than almost everyone else in town, as shown in “A Genius Among Us”, where it’s established that she’s smarter than most of the teachers at school. Gretchen is also somewhat of a “big sister” to the main six, usually to T.J. and Gus. She often argues with Vince but appears to be very close to him as well, hinting that she may have feelings for him (and vice versa). Out of all the members of the main six, Gretchen seems closer to Spinelli than she does to any of the boys.

Although she is very smart, she can also be sweet, and a bit naïve (mostly due to her young age). At times, she can easily fall for most of the crazy stories told on the playground, such as the outcomes of the Stinky Peterson fortune teller in “Gus’ Fortune”. She’s also very unathletic, as shown in “Gretchen and the Secret of Yo,” but is shown to be very skilled at yo-yos.

She is one of the few kids on the playground to get along with one of the Ashleys, Ashley A., as seen in “Outcast Ashley”, where Ashley A. is kicked out of the clique for forgetting a tradition in the group. When looking for friends, she decides to hang out with Gretchen. The two become friends for a while until Ashley A. is welcomed back into the clique. Their friendship is seldom seen again.

One device Gretchen is usually seen with is her Galileo, a small, handheld computer with a talking frog mascot.

Gretchen Grundler
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