How to Dress Like Darla Sherman,Darla Sherman Costume Guide

Items You’ll Need Cosplay  Darla Sherman

  1. Purple Hair Ties
  2. Pliable Aluminum Wire
  3. Dental Bib Clips
  4. Dental Bibs
  5. Purple V Neck Sweater
  6. White Button Down Shirt
  7. Dark Purple Zip Up Tie
  8. Iron On Transfer Sheets
  9. Yellow Plaid Skirt
  10. White Knee High Socks
  11. Black Mary Janes
  12. Nemo Toy
  13. Billy Bob Braces Teeth
  14. Fuschia Backpack

Best Darla Sherman Costume Guide


Darla is the bratty young niece of the dentist, Philip Sherman, in the 2003 Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo. Though not evil, Darla’s over excitement has the tendency to kill her pet fish. Unfortunately, Nemo is supposed to be her new pet fish! Her character, voiced by Lulu Ebeling, is fun with a nerdy feel to it which makes dressing up like her all the more entertaining! Dress up like Pixar’s first female villain with the Darla Sherman costume guide.

Cosplay Darla’s look with a Purple V Neck Sweater, White Button Down Shirt, a Dark Purple Zip Up Tie, a Yellow Plaid Skirt, White Knee High Socks, and a pair of Black Mary Janes. Get all of Darla Sherman’s costume accessories with Purple Hair Ties, Iron On Transfer Sheets, Billy Bob Braces Teeth, Pliable Aluminum Wire, Fuchsia Backpack, Nemo Toy, Dental Bibs, and Dental Bib Clips.

Darla Sherman Cosplay Costumes

Darla Sherman from the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo is probably the most popular cosplay! You could walk around in this costume just about anywhere and people would know exactly which character you were recreating. Some of these pieces you may already have in your closet, so that will make this costume that much easier to put together. Here’s what you will need to get started.

Start by wearing a white button down shirt with a zip up purple tie underneath a purple v-neck sweater. You will want to get the iron on “Rock ‘n Roll Girl” transfer sheets to have the same sweater that Darla had in Finding Nemo. Next, put your hair up into two high pigtails with some purple hair bands. Wear a yellow plaid skirt, white knee high socks, and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes to complete the basics of the costume. For accessories, you will need a Nemo toy, Billy Bob braces teeth, a fuchsia backpack, and a dental bib with clips to put over your shirt. You have perfectly recreated Darla Sherman! Send us a picture of this hilarious cosplay so we can post to the cosplay gallery to inspire others!

About Darla Sherman

Darla is the 8-year-old niece of Philip Sherman, a dentist. Although she is not truly evil, and thus not a villain, she is rather rambunctious and immature and often becomes overexcited when she receives pet fish, which ironically has frequently resulted in her accidentally killing them in her excitement.

Gill and the other fish in Sherman’s fish tank describe Darla as a fish killer and that Nemo is supposed to be her new pet fish. The last fish she received in the previous year, Chuckles, was killed by her because she wouldn’t stop shaking the bag Chuckles was in. In the scene where Darla is about to take Nemo from her uncle, Nemo plays dead, but Darla thinks he is just sleeping and starts shaking the bag in overreaction. Gill then fires himself out of the tank and lands in her hair, causing her to let go of Nemo bursting his bag. After Gill catapults Nemo into the air with a tooth mirror, Darla tries to grab him, but she misses and he lands in the sink and is sucked into the spiraling water going down the drain leading to the ocean. After Dr. Sherman returns Gill to the fish tank, Darla grabs the sink, looking down in it, yelling “Fishy!”, wanting Nemo to come back, but she accidentally breaks it, causing it to harshly squirt water in her face. It is unknown what happens to her afterwards.

Darla is the niece of the dentist, Philip Sherman, the P. Sherman of 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney in the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo. He “captured” Nemo for his fish collection. Nemo must escape from the fish tank with Gill and the other fish if he wants to live. Dr. Sherman plans on giving Nemo to Darla as a gift for her birthday. Darla has a reputation for getting so excited that she will shake the bag that holds the fish until the fish dies.

While Nemo’s father, Marlin is on a mission to save his son, Nemo and the other fish in the tank are working out a plan to escape. This will hopefully save all of the other fish in the tank as well. Darla gets her hands on Nemo, but that isn’t going to stop him from attempting to get flushed down the toilet and back out to the ocean where he will see Marlin and Dory once again—if Darla lets him survive!

Darla Sherman
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