How to Dress Like Cher Horowitz from Clueless

Items You’ll Need

  1. Yellow Plaid School Girl Costume
  2. Crop Top Cardigan
  3. Retro Cell Phone
  4. Blonde Long Hair
  5. Knee High Socks
  6. White Heels

Best Cher Costume Guide


Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone, is the ditzy blonde we all know and love from the popular 90’s film, Clueless. The attractive and popular sixteen-year-old is the daughter of an extremely wealthy Beverly Hills lawyer. Though more than 20-years old, Clueless has developed a cult following. No matter when you were born, this movie and Cher’s character are unforgettable! And if you don’t like it, all we have to say to you is, “As if!” Get the look of the Valley Girl with this Cher costume guide.

Cher is quite the fashionista, but the one look that comes to mind when thinking of the movie Clueless is the yellow plaid suit! If you’re looking for the best way to cosplay Cher’s look, get a hold of a Long Blonde Wig, a Yellow Plaid School Girl Costume with a yellow Crop Top Cardigan, and a white Crop Top Shirt. Cher wouldn’t be seen without her white Knee High Socks and White Heels. Oh, and don’t even think about her going anywhere without her Retro Cell Phone!

Cher Cosplay Costumes

If you happen to find the most awesome costume shop that has all of the Cher costume pieces, then you’re in luck! If not, don’t worry! Cher’s yellow plaid suit is one of her most popular looks from the Clueless movie, and we recommend finding it online especially if your local costume shop doesn’t have it in stock. The blonde wig and knee-high socks are easy enough to find, and check your own closet before going out and buying white heels! Don’t forget that retro cell phone that Cher always has with her.

Cher may be the most popular girl at Bronson Alcott High School, but she wouldn’t be much without her gang! Get your own gal pals to dress as Dionne Davenport and Tai Frasier and maybe even their school rival, Amber Mariens. Don’t let your hair go flat, send us a picture of your best Cher stance! And take a look at the costume gallery to check out the other Cher wannabes!

About Cher

Cherilyn Andi “Cher” Horowitz (born on April 22, 1979) is a sweet, sometimes airhead-like blonde teenager who lives with her rich lawyer father in Beverly Hills, California. Cher often speaks in Valley Girl slang (including new idioms coined by the writers of Clueless). Cher is the central protagonist in the film (she’s an aries) and series; many of the plot lines involve Cher in some way, although sub-plots, particularly in the TV series, allow the focus to shift from her toward others and back.

She’s 5,7 and hot

Cher is popular with her classmates; she often uses her social status (and social know-how) to aid others. Yet these crusades are not always as successful as she would wish. Much of the film’s plot centers around Cher’s gradual realization that her judgment is not infallible (such as with her attempts to give Tai a makeover). Cher usually has an poop for helping others, but the agenda is never a cruel one. However, some of Cher’s attempts at righting the world’s minor wrongs indeed produce the results she anticipates, such as with matchmaking between two of her teachers.

Cher Horowitz is the queen bee of Bronson Alcott High School in the film, Clueless. Sometimes she’s a little air-headed, but she is on a mission to solve everyone’s problems and hopefully get something out of it for herself. She sees solving problems within her high school as a huge benefit to the world, and who else could accomplish these task but the one and only Cher?

Cher’s father is a lawyer, and that’s where she gets a knack for talking others into looking at things her way. She even talked two of her teachers into believing that they had feelings for each other to raise her grade from a C+ to an A-! What Cher hasn’t figured out yet is who she really is and if she is making an impact on the world the way she truly wants to.

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