How to Dress Like Buttercup-Buttercup Costume Guide 2022


Items You’ll Need Cosplay Buttercup

  1. Women’s Black Super Model Wig
  2. Double Strap With Buckle Dress Shoe
  3. Nylon Knee High Stockings
  4. Sleeveless Belted Pleated Ponte Skater Dress
  5. Disguise Bubbles Eye Child Accessory
  6. Calvin Klein Linen Stretch Belt

Best Buttercup Costume Guide


Become Buttercup, the sister of Blossom and Bubbles, who is a member of The Powerpuff Girls from the TV show on Cartoon Network. Clearly the toughest of the bunch, Buttercup can always be seen in her signature lime green outfit. Get ready to fight with some “spice” by wearing a Women’s Black Super Model Wig, Sleeveless Belted Pleated Ponte Skater Dress, Nylon Knee High Stockings, Calvin Klein Linen Stretch Belt, and Double Strap With Buckle Dress Shoe. Get Buttercup’s complete cosplay look with Disguise Bubbles Eye Child Accessory.

Buttercup Cosplay Costumes

Get ready to fight some crime by dressing up as one of the three Powerpuff Girls! Buttercup is known as the tough one with her sassy attitude and strong demeanor. While she may give off a rough appearance, she actually has a big heart underneath that tough exterior. Buttercup is a great choice if you’re interested in doing a group cosplay and can find two others willing to dress as Blossom and Bubbles. If you do happen to do a group costume, we’d love to see pictures of the creative ideas you come up with so feel free to send us a few to feature on our site!

The things you’ll need for your Buttercup costume are a black short wig, double strap dress shoes, knee-high stockings, Buttercup eye accessories and a black stretch belt to finish off the look of Buttercup.

About Buttercup


With sugar, spice and everything nice (and the accidental secret ingredient Chemical X), the adorable and cute little superheroes The Powerpuff Girls first made their debut in the 1990’s, and have since become some of the most popular characters in animated TV history.

Appearing in three cartoon adaptations, a feature film, a DeviantArt fan comic and even an anime TV spin-off, these three little girls are most often seen saving the city of Townsville from monsters, madmen and mayhem with the help of their creator, Professor Utonium.

Buttercup is the tough girl of the group and is known as the spice out of the three. She’s known for her tomboyish style and her hatred for all things girly and for her knee-high sassy attitude at times. Buttercup rarely thinks through what she does and instead prefers to dive headfirst into situations. She has a bit of a temper and when things get on her bad side, she believes she can solve it by fighting whatever it is. Buttercup is always up for a fight and is usually the first one of the trio who heads out to it first. While she may seem tough and have a bit of attitude, she has a great deal of love for her sisters and will do almost anything to make sure they are safe even if it means taking matters into her own hands.

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