Hellboy Costume Guide How to Dress Like Hellboy

Items You’ll Need

  1. Brown Trench Coat
  2. Leather Pants
  3. Fake Cigar
  4. Brown Belt with Gun Holster
  5. Red Body Paint
  6. Toy Gun
  7. Hellboy Mask
  8. Hellboy Red Arm Glove
  9. Black Boots

Best Hellboy Costume Guide


Hellboy is the main character of the movie franchise by the same name. He started as a superhero character created by Mike Mignola, first appearing in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 in 1993. Since then, he has appeared in plenty of eponymous miniseries, one-shots, and intercompany crossovers. The eponymous films didn’t start getting released until the early-to-mid 2000s. Real name Anung Un Rama, Hellboy is a good-hearted half-demon (or what they call Cambion). He was summoned to Earth from Hell as a baby by Nazi occultists. He was discovered on a fictional island by Allied Forces, one which being Professor Trevor Bruttenholm who formed the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense).

Get the look of the well-meaning Demon with this Hellboy costume guide. Though the Hellboy might be a bit tedious, this costume will be worth it. To get the look, you’ll need a brown trenchcoat, leather pants, black boots, and a brown belt with a gun holster. Accessorize with a Hellboy mask, red arm glove, a fake cigar, toy gun, and of course, and some red body paint.

Hellboy Cosplay Costumes

After some time, Hellboy grew up to be a large, red-skinned adult with horns, cloven hooves for feet, an oversized right hand made of stone (which is called the “Right Hand of Doom”), and a tail. He typically files off his horns, leaving him with circular stumps on his forehead instead. While it may be a relatively unimportant detail, this surely is interesting: Hellboy has been described as smelling of dry roasted peanuts. Although he’s a bit rough on the edges, he doesn’t show the usual malevolence one might assume is embedded in every classical demon. Hellboy is often described to be well-meaning and kind-hearted; he has a good sense of humor too. His personality is believed to be a result of how Professor Bruttenholm raised him as a normal boy.

If you don’t want to be venturing in your Hellboy costume alone, you can invite your friends to dress up as Azzael, Ogdru Jahad, Abraham Sapien, Karl Ruprect Kroenen, or Elizabeth Sherman from the series. If not, your demonic superhero costume will be sure to turn some heads at any [Halloween] costume party.

About Hellboy

Hellboy is employed by the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), an international non-government agency, as a primary agent. He works alongside other human and quasi-human agents such as Kate Corrigan, a professor of folklore at New York University; Abe Sapien, an amphibian humanoid; and Liz Sherman, a young pyrokinetic. If he’s not busy with BPRD work, he also employs himself as someone who can fight against dark forces such as Nazis and witches. In earlier stories, he is called the “World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator.”

His life is turned around dramatically during the events of Seed of Destruction, wherein he searches for Professor Bruttenholm after he goes missing in an expedition in the Arctic. He finds his adoptive father only to witness his death at the hands of a Lovecraftian frog monster. Shortly after these events, Hellboy visits Bromwich Church and gets a vision of his conception more than 300 years prior and learns he has two human half-siblings.



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