Gamora Costume Guide:How to Dress Like Gamora

Items You’ll Need Gamora Costume

  1. Spandex Zentai Catsuit
  2. Gamora Costume
  3. Make Up Kit
  4. Green Lipstick
  5. Curly Wave Wig
  6. Braided Leather Cords
  7. Green Face Paint
  8. Samurai Sword

Best Gamora Costume Guide


Gamora was created by Marvel’s Jim Starlin and appeared in comic books before hitting the big screen on in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. You can’t miss her character because she has green skin and a beautiful appearance. There are no others that look like she does since her entire race was destroyed.

Get the look of Gamora with this green Spandex Zentai Catsuit, a Gamora Costume, a Make-Up Kit with Green Lipstick, a Curly Wave Wig, Braided Leather Cords, and a Samurai Sword. Though beautiful, Gamora is also a warrior!

Gamora Cosplay Costumes

Get ready for a creative cosplay if you have decided to go to your next convention as Gamora. She is the beautiful Zehoberei alien you’ve seen with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew like Star-Lord and Groot. You can get the same look! Creating Gamora’s costume can be tricky, but we have broken it down into just a few simple steps to put this style together quickly. Let’s get started so you’re ready to head off to your next convention!

To make this easy, you’ll want to start out with a green body suit, so you don’t have to paint your entire body. Then, wear a Gamora costume outfit over that. Now you’ll need one essentials—green face paint so that your face matches your body. With your face painted, put on green lipstick and add a long brown wavy wig. Don’t forget a samurai sword and braided leather cords to give it Gamora’s final touches. Send us a picture with the costume completed and see how others have cosplayed Gamora in the costume gallery.

About Gamora

Gamora is another character to make her appearance in both the Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s the Avengers: Infinity War. Gamora was adopted by Thanos who altered her perception of him by making her forget all of the evil things he had done—including killing her entire family and leaving her to be the last of her race. While she is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora was once an assassin but realized the wrongdoings of Thanos and left his allegiance. From there she became friends with the Guardians of the Galaxy and joined in their missions.

Because of the way she was raised by Thanos, Gamora can be merciless at times. After realizing he didn’t care for her truly like a daughter, she began to ease away from the personality he stored inside of her. It took time for her to trust and respect her fellow Guardians, but she came around and they too began to treat her as a teammate rather than an intruder.



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