Deathstroke Costume Guide:How to Dress Like Deathstroke

Items You’ll Need Deathstroke Costume

  1. Deathstroke Mask Helmet
  2. Face Mask
  3. Motorcycle Gloves
  4. Pistol with Holster
  5. Motorcycle Full Body Armor
  6. Swat Belt
  7. Grenade Pouch
  8. Hand Grenades
  9. Knee and Shin Guards
  10. EMT Pant
  11. Wooden Samurai Training Bokken
  12. Nylon Carrying Case
  13. Jungle Boot

Best Deathstroke Costume Guide


Deathstroke, whose real name is Slade Joseph Wilson, is a mercenary and assassin. Deathstroke appears in DC Comics comic books and popular TV series. He is the adversary on Teen Titans and the popular show Arrow on The CW as the arch-nemesis of Green Arrow. Deathstroke has been rated one of the greatest villains of all time. By following this complete costume guide, you can match the look of this supervillain.

To cosplay Slade Wilson, you’ll need quite a few items to really look the part. Start with the infamous Deathstroke Mask Helmet and a pair of Motorcycle Gloves. You’ll also need a pair of EMT Pants with a Swat Belt. Then, equip yourself with a Pistol with Holster, Grenade Pouch, and some Hand Grenades. Next, add essential Motorcycle Full Body Armor with Knee and Shin Guards and a pair of Jungle Boots. Finally, complete the cosplay with a Nylon Carrying Case and Wooden Samurai Training Bokken.

Deathstroke Cosplay Costumes

Deathstroke is a superhuman mercenary and a highly skilled tactical strategist in the DC Comics Universe. His mask, which is half-black and half-orange, signifies his blind eye, the only permanent damage he is not able to regenerate. Otherwise, he is extremely confident and highly adept with weapons of all kind, which is why he carries pistols, grenades, and the samurai bokken.

But Deathstroke alone is not enough to defeat his enemies. Bring together your friends and ask them to dress up as their favorite villains from the DC Universe like Bane, Captain Cold, and Deadshot. You and your friends can create your very own injustice league. You could also mashup with villains from the Marvel Universe like Deadpool and Kingpin. Look through the hundreds of costume guides to find inspiration of other villains and superheroes! Don’t forget to submit some amazing pictures of your Deathstroke cosplay!

About Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is a highly skilled assassin and a brilliant mercenary. He’s a good guy turned evil. At the beginning, he joined the army at the young age of sixteen-years-old. Soon, his superiors discovered his flair for combat and the extremely fast pace at which he would train. He was quickly promoted to upper ranks. Determined to make himself better, Slade Wilson decided to inject a specially designed drug into his bloodstream the military developed. After waking up, he discovered he had superhuman strength and the ability to regenerate himself.

Even more amazing is that after his transformation, he began using nearly 90% of his brain at once. This gave him the advantage of both brute strength and high intelligence to easily defeat even the most dangerous of enemies. This makes Deathstroke, without a doubt, one of the most awesome and terrifying villains of all time.

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