Best James Costume Guide-How to Dress Like James from Team Rocket

Items You’ll Need James Costume

  1. Black T-Shirt
  2. Pokémon James Adult Wig
  3. Chef Pants
  4. Rocket Inspired Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  5. Canvas Web Belt
  6. Pokéball
  7. Black Gauntlet Gloves
  8. Captain Boot

Best James Costume Guide


Get an outfit like James, who along with Jessie and Meowth, follows around Ash Ketchum trying to steal his Pikachu. Ge the look to be a member of Team Rocket, the crime syndicate, that tries to use Pokemon for profit and world domination. Dress up like James with a Pokémon James Adult Wig, Rocket Inspired Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Black T-Shirt, Chef Pants, Canvas Web Belt, Black Gauntlet Gloves, and a pair of Captain Boots. Don’t be without a Pokéball when you finally get the chance to capture Pikachu.

James Cosplay Costumes

One of the members of the infamous group, Team Rocket, James is considered a villain by many of the characters of the Pokemon universe but he’s not cruel by any means. He’s a very soft-hearted character and while he does want to do things in order to gain, he does so in a way that’s not harmful to others. If you wish to have a group costume with your character, find a few friends who are willing to dress up as the other members of Team Rocket to have an awesome group costume. We’d like to see what you come up with so send over a few of your photos of your costume so we can feature them on our site.

The things that you’ll need for this costume are a black t-shirt, a Pokemon James wig, white pants, a Rocket inspired long sleeve shirt, a web belt, Pokeball, black gauntlet gloves and captain boots.

About James

James was born into a wealthy but tragic family and you can see that upbringing in some of his personality and the way he does things. His difficult upbringing and hard childhood are reflected in certain episodes where he thinks about his engagement to Jessiebelle.

James is also a very calm and serious character and when he recites the Team Rocket Motto, he does it with much more elegance and flair than the other two members. His seriousness seemed to wear off though as the series went on and his sensitive side seemed to appear more. James thinks about the feelings of others more often than not and when he finds a new Pokemon, he asks if they want to join him to be respectful to them.

While James main goal is to steal Pikachu and get where he wants in life, he does so in a not cruel way and he looks out for the wellbeing of the people and Pokemon around them the majority of the time.

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