Best Eleven (Romper Look) Costume Guide-How to Dress Like Eleven – Romper Look (Season 3)

Items You’ll Need Eleven (Romper Look) Costume Guide

  1. Eleven Romper
  2. Cotton Socks
  3. Hair Tie
  4. Fake Ice Cream Cone
  5. Fake Blood
  6. Reebok Sneaker

Best Eleven (Romper Look) Costume Guide


Eleven, often called “El” by her friends in Hawkins, is a super-powered character from the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Eleven’s telekinesis, extrasensory perception, technopathy, portal manipulation, and biokinesis have grown even stronger in the third season of Stranger Things. The group of friends thought they had closed the gate to the Upside Down, but they soon find out they may have trapped something inside their world. 

Eleven, now a teenager, wants more independence. Hopper may not approve, but she spends almost all her time with Mike. She breaks a few rules and has a whole day of exploring Hawkins with Max. She learns what it means to have her style and begins to discover who she is. To get Eleven’s romper look, you will need an Eleven Costume, Cotton Socks, a pair of Reebok Sneakers, Hair Tie, Fake Blood, and a Fake Ice Cream Cone. 

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