Ash Ketchum Costume Guide:How to Dress like Ash Ketchum

Items You’ll Need Ash Ketchum Costume

  1. Embroidered Trainer Hat
  2. Ash Ketchum Trainer Shirt
  3. Fingerless Trainer Gloves
  4. Regular Fit Jeans
  5. Classic Green Backpack
  6. Large Plush Pikachu
  7. Poké Ball
  8. Fashion Sneakers

Best Ash Ketchum Costume Guide

Get the look of Ash Ketchum, the main character from the popular Pokémon anime series owned by Nintendo. Ash has always dreamed of becoming the next great Pokémon master, but on the day he went to choose his first Pokémon, Professor Oak gave him the stubborn Pikachu.

Adventure out to catch ’em all with Misty and Brock dressed in an Ash Ketchum costume by wearing an Ash Ketchum Trainer Shirt, 505 Regular Fit Jeans, Embroidered Trainer Hat, Unisex Acrylic Fingerless Gloves, and a pair of GV Special Fashion Sneakers. Dress up in the complete costume by adding an Ultraclub 7707 Backpack, Large Plush Pikachu, and Lights and Sounds Poké Ball to your outfit.

Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costumes

The most recognizable Pokemon character to cosplay is Ash Ketchum. Why not dress up as the famous Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town? You can wear Ash’s original outfit as a costume from the first Pokemon anime series like in the guide above, or mix it up and wear an alternate cosplay outfit from the later Pokemon magma series. No matter what look you choose, dressing up like Ash will definately get the approval of cosplayers.

Ash Ketchum is an easy character to dress up like when going to Comic-Con, a Halloween Party, or any cosplay convention? Have some fun together with a group as they dress up like Brock, Misty, or even James from Team Rocket! You can add accessories like Ash by carrying along a pokeball and your favorite Pokemon stuffed animal, Pikachu. Get some Ash Ketchum cosplay ideas and inspiration from the featured images with Pokemon fans dressed up.

About Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum has always wanted to catch all 150 known Pokemon to become a Pokemon Master. Though Ash wanted Squirtle as his first Pokemon, he ended up receiving Pikachu because he woke up and all the other starter Pokemon were chosen. Ash immediately left Pallet Town to begin his journey by facing battles, catching Pokemon to add to his Pokedex, and meeting new friends like Misty and Brock.

Throughout the series, Ash makes enemies with a Pokémon crime organization called Team Rocket. The two members, Jessie and James, obsessively follow Ash during the entire series after being defeated by Pikachu. They think stealing Ash’s “powerful” Pikachu and giving it to their boss will make them wealthy. Over time, Ash collects even more Pokemon and earns many gym badges with the goal of becoming a greater trainer than his childhood friend, Gary Oak. Gary was always a stronger trainer than Ash Ketchum though.

Ash Ketchum
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